Where to Buy an Epilator in Stores

I’m not gonna lie, finding an epilator in stores is hard. But I did the leg work so you’ll know exactly where to buy an epilator in stores.

I checked tons of local stores plus dove into some research online to find out which brick and mortar stores are most likely to have epilators to buy. 

So where can you find and buy an epilator in stores? You can sometimes find a limited selection of epilators in several different chain stores, but they aren’t consistently stocked at most of them. Your best bet is likely Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy or Boots.

If you’d like to save yourself a wasted trip, read on to find all the stores that are likely to carry epilators and how to check if your local stores have epilators in stock.

What You’re Likely to Find in Stores

Very few brick and mortar stores have epilators in stock all year round. If they do, they usually have a small selection. 

You’re most likely to find the latest Braun Silk-épil model. If you’re lucky, there may be one or two other brands or models of epilators available. Epilday, Panasonic, or Phillips epilators are what I see most often in stores after Braun epilators.

How to Check the Stock of Local Stores

The best way to find out if a store near you carries epilators is to search the store’s website first. Most chain stores give you the option to search the availability of local stores. This allows you to check the stock of all the stores in your area before you head out. Then you can just hit up the store that has the epilator that you want. 

In the following section, I provide more detailed info on how to do this for each store so it’s easier for you to do this quickly.

However, if the stores change their websites after this post is published, the directions here may become outdated. If that’s the case, these three basic steps will likely work for any store website:

  1. Search for epilators
  2. Click on an epilator you’re interested in
  3. On the full product description page, look for in-store availability or pickup

Just a warning: many stores have razors and hair trimmers (such as the Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover) listed under epilators. However, epilators pull hair out by the root with tweezers, discs, or springs. These other products just cut the hair at the surface. So if you’re not familiar with the product, make sure you read carefully to see if it epilates or only cuts hair. 

Brick-and-Mortar Stores that Sell Epilators

Since most of my readers are located in the United States, I’ve focused mostly on stores and availability in the US. 

However, if you are in Europe or Canada and have a store owned by the parent company of a store I mention in your region, it’s probably more likely to carry an epilator. This is because epilators are more popular outside of the United States. So it may be worth doing a little more investigating on your part. 

If you’re outside of North America or Europe, this article may not be helpful to you as I’m not familiar with stores outside of this area. 

Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty has a small selection of epilators in many of their stores. Unfortunately, they don’t usually have the best prices. Most epilators I’ve seen there are at least $5 higher than other stores. 

However, if you’d like to see if an Ultra near you has epilators for sale, click here. Then click on the epilator you are interested in. When you get to the product page, click “store availability” and enter your location to see if the product is available near you.

Best Buy

In contrast to Ulta, Best Buy sometimes has epilators on clearance for large discounts. So if you’re looking for a store to buy an epilator at, this is where I would probably look first.

To see if there are epilators in a store near you, just click here to get to their epilator search results. Click on a product and the page should tell you if it’s in stock at a nearby store.


When looking for an epilator in stores, I’ve had the best luck at Target. They almost always have at least a Braun Silk-épil in stock. 

In addition, if you have a Target Redcard, you’ll get 5% off the price.

To see what the Target near you has, click here for a list or epilators on their website. On the left hand side, under “get it fast,” click on “in stores.” 

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond tends to have a nice selection of epilators online and one of the best selections you’re likely to find in stores as well. 

The prices tend to be all over the place, though. Some will be much lower than other places, while some are much higher. So if price is a concern for you, check the prices on Amazon first for a reference point. 

To see if your local Bed Bath & Beyond has epilators, go to the epilator search results page here. At the top of the page, click on “availability” and select the store nearest you. 


Macy’s usually carries epilady epilators online. Sometimes you will also find them in stores, but it’s not very common. In addition, Macy’s prices are going to be higher than other places usually. I included it here anyway, just in case you love shopping at Macy’s. 

To see if Macy’s has an epilator in stock near you, go here. Then choose “free pick up today” on the left hand side of the screen.


Walmart has sold epilators during black friday, but they don’t seem to keep them in stock throughout the year. If you’d like to check your local store, go to this page. At the top of that page, click “store availability” and choose a store. You will then be shown all the epilators in stock at that store. 


Walgreens rarely has epilators in their stores. If they do, it’s usually a small manual spring epilator. If you’d like to check for yourself, go to the epilator search results on their site by clicking here. Then select your store at the top of the page. 


JCPenney sells epilators on their website, but rarely in their stores. If you want to check anyway, you can go here and select store pickup on the left hand side to see if any are available in a store near you.

Aldi (US and Europe)

Every once in a while, I have seen epilators for sale in Aldi. Aldi rotates products throughout the year so they are only available for a week or two at a time. 

These are a generic brand and the quality may not be great. I’ve never tried them so can’t say, but I do remember that they are often really low cost at around $20. So if you just want to test out epilating, it may be worth checking if your local Aldi has any. 

The best way to know if your local Aldi has an epilator for sale is to simply check out the weekly ad. You can find yours here if you are in the US.

Or here if you’re in Europe.

Boots (UK)

If you’re in the UK and want to buy an epilator in a store, you’re in luck. This is because Boots is one of the best places to get epilators in stores with a much wider variety than you’ll find in most US stores.

To see what your local store has in stock, click here. Then choose an epilator. Once you’re on the product page, click “find in stores” to see if the epilator is available in stores near you. 

Where I Bought My Epilators

Online shopping may not be right for everyone, but I’ve bought all of my epilators from Amazon.com. I live in a metro of half a million and only found two different epilators in my city, both priced higher than Amazon, so Amazon was the clear choice for me.

Amazon has by far the widest selection of epilators I’ve found, including the most popular epilators as well as tons of generic brands. And most epilators come with free shipping, which is the main disadvantage of shopping online. 

I think the only way I’d buy from a local store would be for easier returns. Thankfully, none of the epilators I’ve bought have needed to be returned. I credit this to doing tons of research beforehand and choosing a quality epilator from the get go. 

Final Takeaways

Lots of stores sell epilators these days, even in the United States, which is an improvement from just a few years ago. Unfortunately, the selection is very limited and the prices are often higher than what you’ll find online.

If you want to buy from a brick-and-mortar store, I would start first with Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, or Boots. They seem to be the stores that consistently have at least one or two models in stock at all times. 

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