Are You Supposed to Shave Your Thighs?

I get a lot of questions about hair removal and some just don’t have any definitive right or wrong answers. Thigh hair is one of those gray areas where the answer is basically: it depends. But I dug a little deeper into the internets to see what most people are saying to try to get the most definitive answer possible for you, dear reader.

So are you suppose to shave your thighs? In most Western countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, women typically shave their thighs if the hair is dark and noticeable. Women with lighter and less noticeable hairs are less likely to shave their thighs. The cultural ideal is to appear to have hairless legs from ankles to the top of thighs. Of course, these are just cultural norms and individuals can choose to shave their thighs or not shave their thighs for various reasons, including health issues and personal beliefs.

Why do women decide to shave their thighs or not shave their thighs? Should you shave your thighs before you leave the house next time? Are people going to even care? These are some questions I pondered over.

Should You Shave Your Thighs?

I still clearly remember being 11 and riding in the car with my super-cool college-aged aunt (who I idolized) while she described many beauty rituals that I had to look forward to as a teenager. When she got to leg shaving, she told me that the thighs were optional. And since I had fine, blonde thigh hair, it would be perfectly acceptable if I didn’t shave my thighs.

However, a few years later, most of my peers were shaving their thighs, so I followed the pack. Unfortunately, as time goes on, due to the many industries selling us beauty products and sex, women are pressured to remove hair from more parts of the body. Thighs are one of those places.

Even so, there are still tons of women who choose not to shave their thighs. There are many reasons for this. Having blonde and less noticeable hairs is one reason. Wearing longer shorts, skirts, or pants that cover the thighs is another. Some just don’t give a shit about what other people think and don’t want to waste more time than necessary for hygiene.

On the other hand, there are several reasons why you may still want to shave your thighs. If your leg hairs are darker, you may be self-conscious that people will notice them or that they will look out of place with your shaven calves. You may also just enjoy the look and feel of hairless legs from one end to the other. It does feel smoother and you don’t have to worry about tiny hairs glistening in the moonlight or showing up on Instagram photos.

Now that I’m an adult, I’ve given up removing hair from my thighs except for the rare occasions when I am in a swimming suit. Then I go all out with the hair removal using my epilator, mostly to avoid weird looks from strangers. The rest of the time, I don’t worry too much and just let those hairs grow wild.

So should you shave your thighs? The reality is that our culture values hairless legs on women. And that includes the thighs. But you should do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. If you don’t mind what society thinks (which I think is the best way to go!), you do you! Some people may think it’s a little weird if your thighs are more hairy than average, but they are your thighs.

As Cartman from South Park says, “Whatever, whatever. I do what I want.”

I hate that show and that character, but I live by those words!

Tips for Shaving Thighs

If you choose to shave your thighs, here are a few tips so you can get great results:

Don’t Skimp on a Razor

Single blade razors will get the job done if necessary, but it’s best to invest in a razor with four or five blades. Single blade razors often drag against the skin, causing irritation. With extra blades, you will get more hairs without having to go over the same area multiple times. This also reduces irritation and possible cuts. And multiple blade razors are generally easier for navigating behind the knees and at the top of thighs where there are creases.


Use an exfoliating scrub or pumice before and after shaving to remove dead skin. This will not only help make your skin silky smooth, but it will also prevent ingrown hairs.

Take a Bath or Shower

Soak in the bath or shower for 10 to 15 minutes before you start shaving. This will open hair follicles and allow hairs to soften. Don’t wait longer than 15-minutes, however, because your skin may start to wrinkle from the moisture and you won’t get a close shave.

Use a Foam or Gel

Never skip this step! Dry shaving will leave you will irritation and razor burn. It also makes nicks and cuts more common. Choose a shaving foam or gel to slather on your legs before you shave. If you are out of shave foam or gel and desperate, use hair conditioner.

Shave Against the Grain

If necessary, get a mirror and check out the growth patterns on your thighs. Which way is the hair growing? You want to shave against that growth for a smooth shave.

Change Blades Often

There’s no point in buying a fancy razor if you don’t change the blades. Dull blades produce bad results, increase the chance of cuts and irritation, and put you at risk of bacterial infection. Change your blades when you notice they are getting dull or after 5-10 shaves.

How to Shave the Back of Your Thighs

If you are having trouble shaving the back of your thighs, I hear ya. It’s kinda like doing yoga. They should make a yoga pose for it, to be honest.

The first thing I would suggest is getting a mirror and checking out the back of your thigh. See how the hairs are growing. Hair growth on the back of the thigh is often cray-cray, growing in random directions you didn’t even imagine. But get a good idea of how yours is growing because you need to shave against that growth.

The best way to approach shaving the back of your thigh is by sitting down on the edge of the tub. Make sure it’s dry so you don’t slip and make sure your feet are positioned so you won’t lose your balance.

You can even position your mirror so that you can see the back of your thighs while sitting on the edge of the tub. But either way, you should lather the back of your leg with shaving cream, foam, or gel and reach around your leg with your razor. Shave against the hair growth in short, slow strokes until you remove all the hairs.

Then get back in the shower and finish your shaving routine and rinse. Woot! You didn’t die or break a hip! 😉

Related Questions

Are you supposed to shave your private parts?

Nope. You are not “supposed” to shave your private parts. However, many people choose to shave their private parts for a variety of reasons. However, the most common one cosmetic due to popular culture. Also, some people just don’t want long pubic hairs sticking out of their swimsuit bottoms in public.

Does thigh hair grow back thicker?

There is no scientific evidence that thigh hair grows back thicker after shaving or any other hair removal. Many hair removal types, like epilating, can make thigh hair grow back thinner over time.

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