Epilator Authority: We help women find the best epilators for their specific needs.Hello, dear Epilator Authority visitor.

My name is Heather. I’m the head honcho ’round here.

I’ve always been on the crunchy side. You know: a tofu eatin’, hemp wearin’, dread lovin’ kind of girl. However, when it came to body hair, I couldn’t bring myself to be that crunchy. I love Mother Earth and all, but I’m just not prepared to join the “hairy leg club” or embrace “afro-pits.” Yet, I’ve always known that my ordinary disposable razor needed to go.

In my search for a greener alternative to modern razors, I came upon safety razors, waxing, and epilators. All of these options have their pros and cons, but I did my research and weighed my own personal pros and cons. Epilators won out.

Being not only crunchy, but frugal as well, I wanted to ensure that my epilator purchase was a wise one. I do not dole out $100+ for something that is going to break in a few months or simply cause me more headaches than life already throws at me.

I set out to thoroughly research the world of epilators. I learned about the different types, the different accessories, the different uses, and the different brands. I read review after review and chatted with epilator users around the globe. I finally found an epilator that seemed like the best fit for my own needs and the rest is history.

Yet, I now I had a plethora of epilator expertise swimming around in my head. Why not put this knowledge to good use and help others who were looking for epilators? And thus, Epilator Authority was born.

The Epilator Authority Mission

Our mission here at Epilator Authority is to provide value to our readers through informative, helpful, and engaging content regarding epilators and hair removal. We put special attention into providing the high-quality content our audience needs and wants, in an uplifting and easy-to-digest format. Our hope is to assist you with achieving your own hair removal goals, making it an easier process and better experience overall.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or leave a comment. We’ll get back to you asap. Unless you are a spammer. We aren’t cool with spammers.


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